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Our recipes showcase the naturally delicious taste of our beef, with minimal fuss for busy families. We choose to highlight the lesser known cuts and demonstrate how cost effective meals can be made with extreme nutritional value leaving you feeling satiated and full of energy.

Our beef is from free-range pasture raised and finished cattle that are fully grown and lead a content life. They are a large muscle animal and therefore the quality will shine when cooked using low and slow techniques, and always resting steaks prior to eating.

Beef Bone BrothBy adminBone broth has gained popularity in recent times due to it’s amazing health benefits. It is collagen rich which helps the body’s joints and maintains healthy skin, restores your gut’s lining and fights against food sensitivities. Our beef bones are a selection of bones from across the carcass which have retained some muscle, connective tissue and fat, which adds flavour and more nutrients to this delicious drop.